7 Most Common Sales Objections (And How To Overcome Them)

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7 Most common Sales Objections (And How To Overcome Them)

There are so many things that we can be doing both at the beginning, and the end of sales calls to both avoid these situations and to help overcome them.  What this video is going to do is I'm going to show you the seven most common sales objections and how to overcome them.

Objection one: your price is too high. If you've been in sales for any length of time and you're not the Walmart of organizations, you've probably heard this objection for, and the price is all about perceived value. So the way we avoid this objection in the first place is by focusing on the real value that our service provides to the prospect, so that way price is some.

Objection two: I need to think about it. This is an easy objection to avoid in the first place by merely again making sure that you're establishing enough value and also that you are understanding their decision-making process when you're creating enough value in the sale.

Objection three: I need to run this by so and so. I need to run this by my partner. I need to run this by my wife. I need to run this by my team. Anytime you hear I need to run this by and you weren't expecting it you have done something wrong in the sale because you absolutely should have understood this when you were in the discovery phase. 

Objection four: I can't afford it. I can't afford it. We've probably all heard this before again if we've been in selling for long enough, we've heard this button enough times before you're going to see this pattern over and over again. First of all, if you hear that and that's surprising you; it means that you didn't do a good enough job up front to create the value in the sale.

Objection five: we're already working with someone else. This now is a little bit different from some of the other objections. Presumably, this would have come pretty early in the sales conversation as opposed to a lot of these objections which we talked about which are a little bit later right so early on we've all probably heard this before, you know, we're working with someone else, and they're doing your job.

Objection six: we don't have the budget. Now again, we've talked about that. I can't afford it conversation. We don't have the budget is a more beta be specific kind of objection. But again, this should be something that we should be dealing with up front. If you have presented Your solution and you're getting two we don't have the budget you've done something wrong. Period we should always know that this is coming and so during the budget phase of Discovery. We should be talking about budget asking questions like Gary tell me do you have a budget for this kind of a project and if they say no we don't have the budget and you say okay.

Objection seven: I'm too busy right now. This is a widespread objection again; you should be dealing with this early on in the conversation that should never be happening after we have to be showing the value throughout the sale.

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7 Most Common Sales Objections (And How To Overcome Them)
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