9 Advanced Sales Techniques For Business Professionals

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Advanced Sales training For Business Professionals
I'm going to show you advance sales techniques for business professionals. 

Number one distinction is everything. We need to be distinct. We need to have that mindset where whatever everyone else is doing we are doing the exact opposite. We need to be a complete opposite of what that prospect expects and then suddenly it's amazing how that distinction makes you seem so much more high value in the eyes of the.

Number two: you don't need the business. When you're talking to prospects, say things like you know what I want to determine whether this is a fit both ways because I'll tell you right now not everyone is a fit for what we do you start sprinkling in Concepts and lines like that. Your prospects are going to be like, wow. I am interested in this person because they don't seem to need my business 

Number three: it's not about friendships. Let go of the idea that we need to be having friendships and instead focus much more on being willing to end a relationship if it's not a fit and then move on and go on to the next. 

Number four: cold calling won't get you there. If you are a seasoned advance sales professional, you should not be making cold calls every single day. It's just not the best use of your time. You can be doing other things like using a sales prospecting campaign.

Number five: it's all about them. Not you now. This is a fundamental idea that as we become more expert in our field, we start to feel like we have the answers.
And sometimes it can turn a selling situation into a place where it's more about us than it is about them. 

Number six: not all questions are created equal. We need to be recognizing that not all questions are good. A lot of questions in sales are bad. What we want to do is dig deep and go. Further down understanding what the prospect cares about 

Number seven: get them to articulate value. They can't argue with that number that's their number they own it. So now they believe it as fact, and this is so key because now that they have shared that number that's what the value of your offering brings assuming you can solve the challenges that they've talked about they have now told you what the value of your offering is to.

Number eight: quit talking about price. When we focus on budget, it's a conversation around them and what they're willing and able to invest to solve these challenges that they've discussed when you talk about price.

Number nine: jealously guard your time. You are an advanced sales professional you're looking for advanced sales training the most scarce asset that any advanced salesperson has is their time.

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9 Advanced Sales Techniques For Business Professionals
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