9 Sales Tips for Small Business [Sales Ideas!]

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1:07 1. Don't Outsource Sales
2:07 2. Focus on Processes
3:09 3. Have a Repeatable Way to Get Cold Prospects
3:58 4. Leverage Sales Automation
4:46 5. Use VAs For The Research Of Prospects
5:36 6. Know Your Company's Real Value
6:30 7. Disqualify. Hard.
7:20 8. Focus on Larger Sales
8:08 9. Once You Have POC, Now Bring In Support

Creators and Guests

Marc Wayshak
Marc Wayshak
Founder of Sales Insight Labs | Host of Data Driven Selling Podcast | Sales Data Geek
Cameron Stack
Cameron Stack
Producer | Partner at Podcast Sins Production and Strategy Firm
9 Sales Tips for Small Business [Sales Ideas!]
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