How To Build A Cold Calling Script (Step-By-Step)

How To Build A Cold Calling Script

Having a script in cold calling is so important because we so often the salespeople want to feel like they don't need to follow a script. I'm just going to figure it out as I go. And what happens is we go all over the place, and we're so much less effective.

It's so important now you may think of it more as a template or more as a structure. But either way, you want to have that cold calling script. So in this video, I'm going to show you how to build a cold calling script step by step. Check it out.  

Number one don't make a cold call now. What you want to do is follow a prospecting campaign where calls might be a part of that process. You're making calls, but they all work together as part of a mapped out campaign. I have a ton of other videos of this but do not just be making a straight cold call. It's going to be a waste of your efforts instead make it part of a larger prospecting.

Number two, you must have a script. I'm following a script now. That doesn't mean that the whole thing is scripted out.  I know exactly what that script sounds like. What the questions are going to be; what those points of personalization are going to look like so that way when I get the prospect on the phone, I'm so much stronger because I know exactly what I'm going to say. If they say something that I didn't expect I'm not going to be thrown off because I've got a contingency for that as well having that whole call scripted out is going to make us so.

Number three pattern interrupt constantly. As soon as you're doing what they expect they go into their consistent buying pattern, which is probably going to include getting you off the phone. You've got to be breaking that pattern you've got to be doing things that they don't expect you've got to be saying things that they're not expecting you to say and asking questions that they're not expecting you to ask.

Number four quick opening. You want to have a concise opening. You can get straight to the point. So be very short, and you're opening before you start to engage them in the conversation 

Number five show. You did your homework. Do a Google search to know things about the prospect if you're calling on a VP of sales know how many people are in the sales department. Know how many people work at the company, in general, know where the VP of sales is located know where they went to college. Know some fundamental things in these are all little points that you can get just by using LinkedIn to get that insight.

Number six note the common challenges. Common challenges are going to be Sookie and engaging them. So you've opened up the call. You've shown you've done a little bit of homework, you know about their organization. Now, it's time to mention some of the common challenges that you see. 

Number seven engage them. Once they get talking now, you're in a two-way dialogue as opposed to this monologue where you're just throwing up all over. Get them into the conversation by engaging them 

Number eight recommend a clear next step. Next steps are everything when it comes to your cold call script. You need to have a clear.
Next step coming out of that call. 

Number nine send a calendar invite. This is tactical and basic, but it's so important that every single call that has a positive outcome. There is a calendar invite coming from you to them, and they are going to then except of course that calendar invite.

That is how to build a cold calling script step-by-step. If you enjoyed this video that an awesome free training on the data-driven approach to help you crush your sales goals, click right here to get registered instantly. Seriously. Just click right here. This is an in-depth training that will help you close more sales at higher prices while generating more meanings.

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How To Build A Cold Calling Script (Step-By-Step)
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