My 8 Absolute BEST Sales Tips For Closing Business

I'm going to share my 8 absolute best sales tips for closing business. Be sure to register for my free training on, "The 5-Step Formula to Closing More Deals without the Price Pushback, 'Think-It-Overs' or Ghosting"

My 8 Absolute Best Sales Tips For Closing Business

There are so many ideas out there, and it's so hard to boil it down to the absolute essence, the essential concepts. Recently someone asked me, Mark, what are your perfect best sales pitch for closing business and it challenged me to boil down all of the best ideas out there to just a couple of crucial concepts.

Number 1: the close doesn't matter. We spend so much time thinking about how am I going to close the sale? But actually, if you use a practical, systematic approach the close is the least important thing I once had a mentor who used to say, "Mark if you start a sale strong it ends strong naturally." Start strong; stay strong.

Be stronger upfront asking better questions being more effective using the tips. I'm about to share with you. So that way the clothes ultimately doesn't matter. The close is a natural outcome of the conversation that you have had. Don't worry about the clothes worry about what setting up that close. 

Number 2: have a systematic approach for asking questions. Most salespeople are just asking questions are doing whatever is coming to their mind at that moment yet. The best salespeople have a systematic approach for asking questions of their prospect. They know precisely which questions to be asking at what time because asking good questions is all about asking the right sequence of questions.

Number 3: always ask about the math. Math is such a vital part of selling because ultimately we don't create value in the sale without there being math.

Number 4: value must come from them not you. This is an area where I think a lot of salespeople miss the boat. They want to talk about numbers, but they are the ones that are bringing the numbers to the table. They're talking about the value as opposed to letting the prospect create the value themselves.

Number 5: talk budget not price. This is everything bottom performing salespeople, in particular, are way too quick to talk about. They jump into a price conversation as opposed to a budget conversation, which should come at the end of Discovery. What this means is that you want to be going through a good discovery conversation. Establishing value that they're bringing to the table and then you have a discussion after you've done that around budget when you talk about budget or a range of budget that is realistic for them and get on the same page with the budget before you present your solution.

Number 6: learn the decision-making process. This is so big. It's so easy; prospects are happy to talk about their decision-making process.

Number 7: get constant feedback. It's so crucial that particularly once we're in the presentation phase of a sale that we are continually getting feedback from the prospect making sure that we're all on the same page that they're nodding their head or they're like, yeah, that makes sense.

Number 8: always have a clear and scheduled next step. I feel like I'm talking about a lot of the same ideas lately, but it's so important don't get mad at me don't write in the comments that oh, you've been talking about clearing scheduled Next Step a lot only do that.

There are my eight absolute best sales tips to closing business. And if you enjoyed this video that an. Some free training on the data-driven approach to help you crush your sales goals. Just click right here to get registered instantly. Seriously.

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My 8 Absolute BEST Sales Tips For Closing Business
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