The (Must-Have) Mindset Of A Closer

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Today I'm going to show you the must-have mindset of a closer. This is all about sales motivation. Check it out.

Number one: motivation isn't about being excited. It's just about getting off your rear and doing it.  You have to get up you have to go and then you. To get going and then before, you know, it doesn't hurt as much anymore. It's not about being excited 

Number two: stop waiting for the feeling. Do it. Don't wait. Just do it. Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't wait till 3 p.m. This afternoon. Don't wait until tonight. Don't wait till next week do it. There are a couple of key things that we must do in sales and quite frankly. They're often not the most fun things. Don't wait for that feeling to do it get in there and take action and do it 

Number three: small, consistent steps every single day. 
Whatever those Key activities are for you. They're just doing a couple every single day small; consistent steps are much more sustainable. 

Number four: They can't hurt you. 
Don't be afraid of what someone's going to do. Just get out there and do those things that you have to be doing and if by the way if someone does say or do something that kind of stings take it and move on. Move on 

Number five: sales is a sport. Sales is a sport. The prospect is playing a game. You're playing a game the part of the game that you're playing is that you're trying to sell the part of the game that they're trying to play is that they're trying to get the most advantageous purchase with their time and money.

Number six: focus on activity and pipeline, not sales numbers from a sales motivation perspective. This is one of the biggest takeaways that you can Implement right now, which is to stop worrying about what your sales numbers are right now.

Number seven: know exactly why you do. Why do you sell? Why do you need to close a sale tomorrow? You should know exactly why you're picking up the phone every single. 

Number eight: be smart, not hard-working. You want to be smart about how you're using your time. 

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The (Must-Have) Mindset Of A Closer
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